If you, like me, have messy hair, hate bullshit, hate going all over the site to find out what the website is about, these are some information you may need.

Welcome to Woowoo Rebels. Welcome to my online playground.

The services I offer are Spiritual Coaching, Healing & Therapy, Guidance, Insights & Reading.

Some events you can see here are Meditation, Conscious movements, Card reading, Healing circles, Yoga, etc.

Because everything is energy and made up of molecules and atoms, we are really nothing and we can be anything.
We are rebels that way.. No labels, no nothing. Just unique combination of molecules with unlimited possibilities to create. - Ting


This signature program is all about the combined effort of both divine and human. We will request for insights, guidance, or perspectives that your conscious mind deny, avoid, or overlook.. Then focuses on strategies, action plans or anything that will launch you forward.

Many shun this word thinking it for people with issues. Actually our cells heal every minute, every seconds.. But there is so little that we are doing to heal our trauma and pain.. or even daily stress. If you are struggling, in pain or just wants to maintain a regular healing practice, this is for you.

Let's face it. There are many things that is out of our control and sometimes it is wiser to tap into the divine. Our mind is powerful and whats better to use it with the divine? Make use of these insights and perspectives to achieve and move towards what you want in life.

No matter in what situations, you have got the light and wisdom in you. My job is to shake things up, push boundaries and guide you to that. If you want breakthrough in results or deeper and more meaningful experiences in life, if you want someone who buy no bullshit, This is for you.

If you want to start but unsure where.. get started with universe law!

The universe law is what governs life except no one will be punishing us if we do not follow it. To create practical magic, it is very beneficial to get familiar with these laws and how they work. When we get understand them, that is when we can work with it to support us on a smoother journey in life!

I've "hacked" and written the 12 laws in a easy to understand manner.

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