• Combine divine and human effort
  • Connect to inner truths
  • Create different results and experiences

Hey there. I'm Ting.

As a highly sensitive empathic INFJ and a Manifestor with intuitive authority, I have always feel out of place and misunderstood growing up. With lack of awareness and tools, I lived in my shadows, tried to fit in and be "normal". That cause me to give up on the world for many years.

I went through a hell lot of personal development, exploration and struggle before landing where I am today.

Now, I am often known as the intense one who feels deeply and pushes boundaries as I embrace my gifts. I combined my expertise in psychotherapy, positive psychology, coaching and training with the various energy healing modalities that I am trained in to do my work both in Woowoo Rebels and at Emotions Run Wild.

Diving into spirituality, Myers and Briggs typology, human design and other modalities, I harness my intuition, knowledge and experiences to work with spiritual rebels like you to connect with your truth, step into your power and share your light.

I love to call out on bullshit and hack spiritually and psychologically to simplify complicated concepts. I stand firm that divine power may not be everything and human effort is not the only way. Tapping into my rebellious nature, I explore different ways to combine them both in my work to coach, train and create tools and kits.

We are on this journey of endless discovery, and I am still looking forward to discover who else am I.

For now, my mission is to support you and myself to continue connecting with our inner truth and create results and experiences that we want.

You know you are much more than who you are now, that you have great things to achieve.. Now, let's see how we can work together~ 

But, in case you are stubborn and really like long stories, click here.