Channel and receive guidance and insight from Spirit guides, Angels, Ascended masters, Akashic records, Higher self..

Available in 30 or 60 mins

This session is done through zoom or  skype call, unless other wise agree upon.

Channeling is an art of connecting to the divine energy. Some ask for the support of spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, akashic records, higher self.. it is ultimately tapping into the vibrational and energetic field of higher frequency, and connecting to your core to retrieve information that we may not possibly get when on a lower vibration as we are operating from day to day.

It could be a closure, healing, clarity, guidances, perspectives or insights that you want. Come prepared with question/s before the session. During the process as a channeller, my role is to transmit the messages to you. The messages are neutral, peaceful and gentle, there is no “must” “need to” “should”, it will always be a choice of your own.. a free will. At the end of the session, you can then manifest and create your experiences moving forward.

For those of you who are doing active personal development work, this is where it allows you to explore your unconscious or subconscious state. Maybe a perspective or insight that your conscious mind deny, avoid, or overlook.. not in a way that it is bad for you but in it’s perceived way to prevent certain experiences. So channeling will support you to tap into that and you can consciously make a choice of whether it is something that you want to look at or deal with.